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What is an I.T. Solution Provider?

An I.T. solution provider comprehensively handles the I.T. needs of their client from concept to installation through support. This process normally involves studying the client’s current infrastructure, evaluating the client’s needs, addressing issues in the I.T. architecture and deploying solutions. Managed service providers are ideal for companies large enough to need frequent I.T. support but small enough to not need a full time I.T. person on staff. Think of us as your part time I.T. guy.

I.T. Services
AntiVirus Protection

We install and maintain business AntiVirus solutions to protect your company against evolving threats such as malware and ransomware that can shut your company down for hours or days. Modern solutions include companywide monitoring and configuration platforms to stop outbreaks and implement policies to protect your data (eg: Disable USB flash drives).

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup is critical for preventing data loss from accidental file deletion, corrupt databases or data loss due to a power outage. Reconstructing your data may be impossible or require spending thousands to recover your data. We can implement, validate and maintain a backup solution for your needs. If you’ve suffered data loss, we can also attempt to retrieve your data.

Site to Site VPN

A Site to Site VPN allows you to use an inexpensive Internet connection to securely connect multiple office networks together to access network resources like a VoIP phone system, file server, database, or remote desktop server. Site to Site VPN’s have the advantage of being significantly cheaper then leased lines while offering many of the same features.

Server Maintenance

Servers and the hardware supporting those servers should be monitored for potential failure. Many failures can be forecasted by error log messages or simple preventative maintenance.  We routinely validate disaster recovery, antivirus solutions and check for any hardware faults. Our goal is to keep your uptime as high as possible. When necessary we can also upgrade your server and migrate your data.

Group Policy Design

Group Policies are at the heart of a Windows domain. They give you granular permission over your workstations and servers to do things like prevent unauthorized applications from running, automatically mapping drive letters and installing printers. We’re masters at crafting group policies for your individual network.

Firewall Configuration

Home firewalls don’t belong in businesses where uptime matters. SMB firewalls are more reliable, offer more granular protection than home firewalls and include features such as Site-To-Site VPN’s. Some can even scan your internet traffic for viruses as an extra layer of security. We specialize in installing and configuring SMB firewalls to provide a high level of security for your network.

Virtual Servers

In the past, it was common to install multiple services on a single O.S., which would often lead to conflicts and instability. Now it’s possible to have a virtual server that runs every service separately. Virtual servers are great but they also have their own special needs, backup, resource allocation, etc. We can design and implement a configuration that allows your VM setup to run efficiently.

CoLo & Cloud

Many things have changed with the service as a subscription model. Virtual private servers, Offsite Backup and Colocation allow you to move your servers offsite to a datacenter potentially lowering your operating costs while increasing your uptime. Office 365 offers various web services including exchange allowing you to migrate some of your infrastructure into the cloud. We can help navigate, develop and migrate your data into the cloud.

General IT Support

Sometimes you just need someone to get it done, whether it’s swapping a printer, installing a network credit card machine or explaining how to update a browser plugin. Just because we specialize in the big stuff doesn’t mean we don’t handle the little stuff too. We offer remote, email and phone support to our clients.

Technology is my passion. I’ve been using computers in one form or another since kindergarten, learning Windows, Linux, Asterisk (VoIP), x86/x64 Assembly, PHP, Virtualization and countless other technologies. Some people read novels, I read manuals. In 1998 I got my first job in the I.T. Industry as a computer / network technician for a small repair shop in Fairfield CT. In 2007 I left my job to start my own computer repair & networking company, “A+ Perfect Computers”. In 2013 we branched out into data recovery starting Recover My Flash Drive (RMFD) as one of the first data recovery companies in the world specializing in reverse engineering flash media for data recovery. In 2019 I created a new company, Network-Phile I.T. Solutions, LLC to focus on providing managed I.T. solutions to my existing and future I.T. client base. Phew That’s A lot!!!

– Jeremy Brock

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients under contract are billed on a flat rate monthly bases varying based on the needs of your company. This allows us to maintain your network & hardware while protecting you from sudden labor surges if something does go wrong. New clients not under contract are billed at $145/hr.

For example if a new customer calls us up to install a printer, the hourly rate is $145 however if the client has a service contract in place it would be covered under the existing maintenance agreement.

Service Area

We service lower Fairfield County, including Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Wilton, Westport, Fairfield, Bridgeport and Trumbull as well as Milford and Shelton.

What do you do exactly?

If something is broken or needs to be maintained or setup at your office, we handle it. From workstations to servers. We’re your I.T. department.

What makes your company different?

We offer the same services as other companies like:

  • Server, Network, Backup, and Antivirus Monitoring.
  • Help Desk
  • Hardware Upgrades and Repairs

We differ by:

  • Developing working relationships with our clients and their employees.
  • Being knowledgeable and learning the specific needs of your organization.
  • Our decisions are based on your infrastructure needs.
  • Network security is one of our primary concerns.